The 7 things brides forget to do

25th August 2015


As Melbourne wedding photographers, and a former bride and groom we know how overwhelming the planning of your wedding day can be.

Where should we marry? On which date? Cocktail or sit-down? That’s just the beginning!

The wedding planning should be a fun experience. A time when you can let your imagination run wild. So many beautiful dresses, so many lovely cakes, venues, cars, not to mention the photography.

With so much to think about it’s quite likely that you’ll get to the big day and forget about some of the little things.

At Amarcord we like to look after our couples by providing useful tips to make the planning process and your day that little less stressful.

In the first of our series we have “The 7 things brides forget to do”. A little tip sheet to help make your day flow smoothly.

Take Tip #1. Confirming with Vendors. Check in with your suppliers a few days before the wedding to confirm details. Communication is key!

Receive your very own PDF copy to keep plus other helpful tips over the coming weeks.

Happy planning!

Andrea and Mars


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