Band Photography for SLAM (Save Live Australia’s Music)

28th February 2013

Music is very important to us and we are happy to support initiatives that promote good music and the local music scene. For example, Amarcord Photography offers discounts to members of Melbourne community radios PBS and 3RRR.

We also support Save Live Australia’s Music (SLAM), who is a collective of non-politically aligned, independent, local music-loving citizens. In early 2010, the SLAM Rally swept through the streets of Melbourne in protest against over-arching Victorian Liquor Licensing policies that unfairly linked live music to high risk activity. Since then, SLAM has successfully negotiated important changes within a number of other key music reforms in Melbourne. When SLAM sent a call out to photographers to photograph bands on SLAM day, we were delighted to volunteer.

As we are a bit too far in the tooth for moshpit photography and did not want to take from younger photographers the chance to see and photograph their favourite bands, we volunteered to photograph the acts performing at the renowned
Bennetts Lane Jazz Club. The venue is made up of two separate rooms. The Jazz Club is the smaller of the two rooms. The larger room is the Jazz Lab. On this occasion there were two separate acts playing at the same time. We decided to attend and photograph the first set of Eyal & the Skeleton Crew, who were playing in the Jazz Club and then photograph Vince Jones during his second set at the Jazz Lab. We found it easier to photograph the stage in the Jazz Club because there was more room in front of the stage and a staircase beside it which allowed to get a view from above. We found it more challenging to photograph Vince Jones as the Jazz Lab was packed and the tables are very close to the stage. We were glad to have our zoom lens with us.
In regards to the music, both acts were fantastic but we found Eyal and the Skeleton Crew‘s heady mix of jazz, folk, gospel and klezmer music closer to our hearts. We would like to thank the staff at Bennets Lane Jazz Club for their help and for making us feel welcome. It was a great night out.

Below you can see the photos we submitted to the SLAM Facebook page

Eyal and the Skeleton crew

Eyal and the Skeleton crew

Vince Jones

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