Kylie and Brendan’s beautiful wedding at Potters Receptions

24th November 2015

One of the most amazing and wonderful perks of being wedding photographers is that not only do we get to experience the most beautiful days, sometimes we find ourselves some lovely new friends.

The wedding of Kylie and Brendan at Potters Receptions is one such occasion where the line of client and friend blurred to the point that we felt like we’ve known them forever. We couldn’t wait for the day to arrive – and as expected, the wedding was awesome!

Our lovely couple planned everything perfectly; great venue, great bridal party, perfect dress, perfect superhero t-shirts, and of course perfect photographers!

It was a perfect November, warm enough with magnificent blue skies. Our couple chose to marry in the beautiful Potters wedding chapel. Kylie was determined to have a full Catholic mass despite the chapel not being a Catholic Church. Being the formidable lady she is, this is exactly what she and Brendan had. The ceremony was beautiful, significant and at times quite hilarious. Although we are busy taking photos throughout the ceremony we do like to listen to the goings on. We love to hear the vows, the readings and the messages of love, plus there’s often a good joke or two to be heard!

After the ceremony and the family portraits we headed out into the Potters grounds for the bridal party photography. With four bridesmaids and four groomsmen it was quite a challenge fitting everyone on the bridge, but we managed! A large bridal party can be hard to corral at the best of times but this bridal party was so much fun – our couple chose wisely.

Before the end of the location shoot we like to spirit our couple away for some “alone time”, just the two of them (and us of course). Weddings are such a whirlwind day and there’s little time to say “hi, how are you, you look rather nice” to each other. Whether it an hour or 10 minutes this time is precious. For Kylie and Brendan’s “alone time” we ventured to the back of Potters for some rural style photos (I think there may have been some fence jumping, Kylie?). What more you ask for than a beautiful paddock, the afternoon sun and cockatoos flying around? Magical.

To the reception. Great music, dancing, funny hats, laughter, tears, broken bustle (and almost broken bride), love and sparklers – lots and lots of sparklers. A perfect reception.

Check out the layout of Kylie and Brendan’s wedding album, it’s just beautiful!

To our dear friends, how wonderful it is to start as photographers/clients and transition to friends, from practically the moment we met. Dinner soon? xxx

Check out Kylie and Brendan’s gorgeous album layout by clicking on the image below

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Kylie and Brendan album6
Kylie and Brendan album
Kylie and Brendan album2
Kylie and Brendan album3
Kylie and Brendan album4
Kylie and Brendan album5
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