Fantasy Portrait Photography studio session – Crazy fun with Brandon and his Atlantis Cruise party costumes

26th January 2013

A portrait session doesn’t always have to be of the “face the camera, smile and shoot” variety.
Recently we had a fun afternoon photographing Brandon in his Atlantis Cruise party costumes.
The best way to call it is “Fantasy Portrait Session”.

It was a chance to flex our photographic muscles as we came up with different lighting, backgrounds and moods for his three costumes.

The portrait session started with Brandon wearing a costume of Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, or at least part of it.
We asked our subject to strike a few superhero poses and to pretend to fly. This is the photo selected by Brandon in this particular costume:


The next costume was even more cartoonish and fun. It was a costume of SpongeBob SquarePants, or in Brandon’s case, Spongebob NoPants. Our subject really played up to the camera and it was impossible not to laugh out loud. We love the photo selected by our client, a really crazy portrait:


The last costume was a pair of angel wings. We experimented with low key lighting and created a moody image where our subject looks like a statue. It is our favourite portrait just because is so different.


Our client loved the pictures so much he could not resist posting them on the Atlantis Cruise notice board and on Facebook. He got an overwhelming response. Enjoy your Atlantis Cruise, Brandon.

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