Band Photography Melbourne – Boutique

16th May 2013

We recently had the pleasure to photograph in our studio Boutique, a multi award winning corporate and wedding band.

01 Band Photography

They work really hard on their image and presentation and they often need new band photos to update their Website.

02 Band promotional Photo

We first worked with Boutique last year when we photographed the band in their rehearsal studio.

10 musician photo

As you may know a rehearsal room is not the most glamorous looking space but with creative thinking and experimental lighting a very realistic live band photography effect was achieved.

11 Wedding band photo

We were all very happy with the band photos from that session. You can check them out on our Facebook Page

05 Band Photography

We were delighted when the lovely Rebecca, Boutique’s singer and band leader, contacted us again for more band photos.

06 Band promotional Photography

This time we would be working in our Brunswick East photography studio which was a very exciting prospect. Being such a visually aware group we knew we would be able to push the boundaries.

07 Musician Photography

The band showed up in our studio with a heap of new clothes, their instruments and a bottle of wine. Our ideal type of client!

08 Wedding band photo

What followed was an exciting studio band photography session with a flurry of costume and backdrop changes.

09 band photo

We used every possible backdrop, including our studio curtains and walls to try to match the looks the band wanted to project.

03 Musician Photography

The curtains were used to create an image recreating the roaring 20’s, with mood lighting and the band rocking a gangsters and dolls look.

04 Wedding band Photography

Among our favourite images, we must single out one where we captured the band jumping in the air. The seamless white background gives the impression of a band floating into the ether.

12 Band photography

There is no doubt that that the results speak for themselves. The hard part for the band was choosing which images to use – from our perspective a great problem to have!

13 music group photo

We invite you to visit Boutique’s Website and check out their demo.

14 Musician Promotional photo

They are the most amazing performers, consummate professionals and such fun and friendly people. We can’t wait to work with them again!

15 Band photo

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