Going backwards to go forwards

19th October 2011

It’s a shame that I didn’t start this blog three years ago as there are so many wonderful weddings we have shot over the time that all certainly deserve some acknowledgement. Over the course of the next few months I’ll try to devote some time to each and every one of our lovely couples.

It seems only fitting though to send some love out to my most recent couples for the commencement of the season….

– The lovely Samantha and Matthew Darby. Married at Our Lady of the Rosary in Kyneton with a beautiful reception at Rupertswood in Sunbury

– The delicious Kelly and Ben Snowdon. Married in the Lort Theatre at Sunshine Golf Course followed by a cracking reception at the very same venue

– The stylish Casey and Daniel Janides. Married at St John Bosco in Niddrie, location shoot at Carlton Gardens and reception at the Conservatory at the Pumphouse

– The sweet David and Sairung Noon. Married at the Melbourne Registry Office with a location shoot in the Treasury Gardens

– The endearing Alison and Peter Vigano. Married at the Melbourne Registry Office with a location shoot at Parliament and in the Treasury Gardens

– The adorable Sarah and Tony Elkin. Married at the beautiful Nathania Springs in Monbulk followed by a joyous reception at the same venue

– The effervescent Sally and Paul Reid. The first to marry (ever!) on the boundary line of Etihad Stadium

These gorgeous couples have shared their special days with us and in turn we have given our all to ensure we provide them with memories for a lifetime. Each of them holds a special place in the history of Amarcord and more so in our own hearts and memories.

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